When and Why You Should Opt for the All-On-6 Implants


Dental implants are known to cure most of the problems related to premature teeth loss among the young and the adult. Implantology can eliminate the decaying and dead teeth and replace with natural teeth without causing much pain. All-On-6 implants are mostly recommended for the upper and lower set of lost or damaged teeth. Our cosmeti 9c dentistry procedures can provide you with the best solutions at the most affordable prices.

All-On-6 Implants - Complete Diagnosis

The mouth anatomical structure varies between individuals based on age, ethnicity, gender, disorders, diseases and medical history of oral health. If you have an existing implant or a structurally damaged jaw-line, the anatomy can be highly complex.

Complete diagnosis of the anatomy gives us a clear set of ideas about the extent of bone damage and loss, gum health, tissue conditions, and other related parameters. We can determine the best possible implants to ease your eating and movement of the jaw during everyday life.

Our diagnosis can be X-rays, scanning, visual examination, and other related biopsy procedures. We analyze the jaw-bone strength, root conditions, cavities, infections, and other elements before recommending the All-On-6 implants.

Dental Implants- Procedures

If you have low bone-density on the jaw, the implants are highly recommended since there is no grafting of the jaw-bone. Six natural-like teeth are replaced on the upper or lower jaw. The replacement could be in the continuation or random order depending on the position of teeth loss or damage.

Implant-Design: It depends largely on the surface, shape, and the physiological conditions of the implant section. The shape and diameter of the implant also determine the design. The usage of material (porcelain, metal, and others), abutment type, and anti-rotation properties determine the strength of the implant.

Screw-Vent-Tapered Design: The systemgenerally usessteel, copper, bronze, or other alloy metals that are adaptable to the bio-medical standards for oral health and safety. Our experts can plan the diameter, length, implant angle, and the related parameters after the detailed diagnosis of the jaw and cavity structures. We can also determine the number of turns for the implant and the implant bridge to make all the six implanted teeth align with the rest of the natural teeth in your mouth.

Parallel-Design: It is the most recommended design for the distribution of stress along the parallel lines of the jaw-bone. An increase in diameter and length are stated to be the ideal conditions for stress reduction. We can select the best materials, define the boundaries, and adjust the other parameters for making the parallel-design implants the most effective for your needs.

Dental Implants Shapes - When and Why to Choose

Infections, aging, and accidental damages may result in the loss of a large number of teeth from your mouth. In such cases, you need to choose the All-On-6 implants to provide minimum support for eating, speaking, and performing jaw and mouth movement activities. Call our cosmetic dentist today and get your dental system diagnosed for the best services for dental implants Los Angeles today.